Friday, October 30, 2009

Brewing more Tea

Went to another Tea Party this afternoon here in Portland. Part of the Tea Party Express. My estimate was 500 to 700 people. Pretty good for 1:00pm on Friday in the Socialist County of Multnomah.

A good Thank You to Michael's for allowing the use of his parking lot.

A side note: There was one counter protester (?). A woman in her 30's went through the crowd at one point screaming at people, calling them "fascists" over and over again. My honest opinion was she may have been a mentally ill person. She got into one guy's face and I thought there might be a confrontation, but she moved on. As she came my direction a woman in front of me looked around and then quickly walked around and got behind me. I was going to simply stand my ground in silence, but nothing happened as the crazy woman moved on.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Recent Reading

Recent readings have been a couple of re-reads of some favorites and a first read of a classic.

Charles Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities" is the new one. Some interesting insight into the French Revolution and the times surrounding it. The bit about the English being suspicious of each other and fearing highway robbers everywhere, the insight into the accepted excess drinking by some gentlemen, and of course the treatment of the French poor by the Aristocracy.

Then a re-read of David Copperfield. This re-read was at first hard to get going (the first few chapters), then it was again a book hard to put down. Even knowing the plot I found myself reading to get to favorite remembered passages.

Then "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency" by Douglas Adams. A favorite romp through the impossible (the part that Sherlock Holmes was too quickly to eliminate).

Current Read: "A War Like No Other" by Victor David Hanson, a review of the Peloponnesian war between the Spartans and the Athenians.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Nobel Prize - Obama

I have for some time felt the Nobel Prize has degraded to a bunch of pot smoking idiots handing out tin medals to people for little more reason than that they "like" them.

The Nobel committee has now completely made their prize meaningless. I personally will consider it so. If a person would walk up to me and say "I won the Nobel Prize.", my answer will now be ". . . So what."

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ooooohhhhhh ,. . . brain. . . hurt . . .

Reading this article was difficult. Enough so that it made my brain hurt at times (no pain, no gain?).


In practical terms this meant that any increase in businessmen's pessimism about the future must be offset by increased government spending to compensate for an increased propensity to hoard. Keynes was quite aware of a possible conflict between the two roles of government. Increased government spending, he warned Roosevelt, might depress private investment by an equal amount even in conditions of high unemployment if businessmen were worried by the objects of the expenditure or the methods by which it was financed, in short, he recognized the possibility that government policy may in itself be the cause of the pessimism for which government spending then had to compensate.

. . .

Labor was involuntarily unemployed only when it wished to work for a reduced real wage but was unable to do so, because it could not reduce its real wage by accepting a lower money wage; any reduction in the money wage causing the general price level to fall leaving real wages unchanged.

Although the article is from 1981 (or earlier?), it made me think of all the things our government is currently trying to do.

What I got out of reading and thinking is; "that our government can't spend us out of the current situation and that its best action may be to simply STOP trying". I think that "STOP trying" is what a great majority of the Tea Party movement is all about. We would rather go through a period of suffering than lose our country altogether through bankruptcy, or transformation to socialism/communism.

The part about being unable to work for a reduced wage was a real mind twister for me (in my present circumstance). What the mental struggle is, is that a good deal of economics involves circular catch-22 relationships and reasoning.