Friday, October 30, 2009

Brewing more Tea

Went to another Tea Party this afternoon here in Portland. Part of the Tea Party Express. My estimate was 500 to 700 people. Pretty good for 1:00pm on Friday in the Socialist County of Multnomah.

A good Thank You to Michael's for allowing the use of his parking lot.

A side note: There was one counter protester (?). A woman in her 30's went through the crowd at one point screaming at people, calling them "fascists" over and over again. My honest opinion was she may have been a mentally ill person. She got into one guy's face and I thought there might be a confrontation, but she moved on. As she came my direction a woman in front of me looked around and then quickly walked around and got behind me. I was going to simply stand my ground in silence, but nothing happened as the crazy woman moved on.

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