Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Cinnamon Bear

Presenting the original 1937 radio show version of "The Cinnamon Bear" (Wikipedia). Twenty-Six nightly episodes (originally aired the day after Thanksgiving and ending on Christmas day, but not on Sundays). I've listed them here in continuous nightly order ending Christmas Eve, which means starting Nov-29th. You can start on Thanksgiving night but you would somehow have to skip the appropriate number of nights (each year is different since Thanksgiving is always Thursday).

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Gordon R. Durand said...

When Elizabeth was little Mom loaned us the whole series on tape. She and Keith had listened to them, as children, on the radio. Elizabeth may have listened to them all, but I'm not sure I ever did. Paddy O'Cinnamon I remember, and the Crazy Quilt Dragon, but beyond that they only sound kinda sorta familiar.