Friday, December 4, 2009

Reefer madness

You know those keyless remote entry fobs that come with cars nowadays. The ones that you thought were a silly idea until you actually started using one and now your opinion is "how did we ever do without them". Well, automatic ice and water in the refrigerator door has become the same way.

This is the water supply connection that comes with the standard kit. It's made for homeowners who want to connect up fast and easy without calling a plumber. They work by puncturing a little hole in the water pipe with a sharp needle and are made water tight with a rubber gasket. However since installation the water flow has always seemed very slow when waiting to fill up your glass, so I went down the other day and ran the needle in (and out) again attempting to make the hole larger and guess what, that's right, no water flow at all. Apparently the rubber gasket has now been squished to the point of cutting off the flow no matter what, even with completely dismantling and reinstalling it.

Here's my solution. Luckily I already owned the blow torch plumbing kit from a previous project and this roughly only cost the price of a new valve.

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Greg said...

I've been told that one of the most common household damage claims to insurance is "leaking refrigerator water connection". I can see why. The material is small and weak, and any leaks are likely to be small and stay hidden, rotting the floor out before you'd notice a problem.
When I started to re-plumb my house, dad told me that "once you learn to solder copper, you'll never go back to threaded pipe." He was right. There were only a couple of fittings that I had to re-do, the rest of it went smooth and fast.
Your project looks good, and has the very considerable advantage of being accessible without having to crawl underneath a house with the catcrap and spiders. Congratulations!