Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grrrrr . . . . . Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh ! ! !

Tax season again, and one of the things I have to deal with is putting together the annual report of Beth's home business.

. . . I'm not a bookkeeper.


I'm now struggling through the mess once again, and wondering how to get her to do it right from the get-go so that it's not a total cluster-#$&% at this time of year.

She originally started with a paper 3 column register. Then we spent big bucks on QuickBooks (way too complicated). Now we're currently using Quicken Home & Business. This is what I use for keeping our home accounts and paying the bills etc. She keeps a seperate file on her computer for the business and uses the "business" features of "Home & Business".

Aaaarrrghhh . . . what a mess.

The trouble comes from several flaws. All operater error of course, but that doesn't make the software any less aggravating. One flaw is it lets you put in negative numbers. Accounting doesn't have negative numbers ( it's a positive number in the debit column or in an expense category). Another flaw is it lets you choose an expense category in a place/situation where there should ONLY be income categories, and vice-versa.

She can't possibly have over $10,000 in invoices in a primarily service business and yet have a profit/loss report show a yearly profit of $650. Good for taxes you say, but that can't possibly be right. God help us if the IRS audits.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Never give up.

Yes, this is an actual product. For those people who feel something missing when they drop their traditional land-line phone service. It also comes in a cord free Bluetooth version. But unless you were one of those people who could cradle it between your ear and shoulder, I don't think it meets the new hands-free cell phone laws.