Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hospital 3

Almost all AMC rooms are private rooms with their own bathrooms. The bed is a funny thing. It has an air mattress with various different areas. It automatically adjusts to relieve pressure points and prevent bed sores. Although ever time you move and settle in to another position it fires up its compressor moters, which can be annoying every 10 minutes at night.

The nurse call button is also a funny thing. According to Pat it connects you with an operator in the basement who then contacts the appropriate person at the nurses station. Sometimes when I push the button it's a good 5-7 minutes before the operator responds and then there's time for all the rest of it.

Monday morning the doc reviewed the ultrasound. It showed the kidneys and gall bladder to be fine with no stones in the bladder, but where the gall duct meets up with pancreatic duct and flows to the intestine was not showed, so he scheduled a CT-scan. For contrast I had to drink a big-gulp sized contrast medium. It actually was ok, like lemonade, no grit, and after not having the slightest sip of water went down very good. Although the CT looks like an MRI, it's very quiet and was very fast.

However once the contrast emptied from my tummy, my past history of stomach ulcers led to having some acid reflux which got bad enough to make me So I request some

IV fluids with potassium (which showed low in some blood test)
Dilaudid, this is the pain killer stronger than morphine they say.. 2mg twice a day.
Protonix, an acid reducer, once a day.
Phenergan, an anti-nausea, if needed

Monday's CT-SCAN Results;
No gall stones anywhere. The pancreas is enlarged but shows no signs of damage (calcifications, absesses, etc.). Without a definitive cause the only remedy plan is to rest the pancreas by not working it, that is not feeding it, not triggering it's secretions. That meant no food, no water, not even a sip. That was changed Tuesday afternoon to allow ice.

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7 of 9 said...

No gall stones means most likely no surgery -- that's a good thing!

Hope you have a more restful night. Hope on Wednesday they can think about releasing you soon so you can get back to your own bed!

Get well soon brother.