Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hospital 4

I've had plenty of visitors so don't feel bad if you haven't made it. Sunday, my mother-in-law, Patricia got to the emergency room about 9:00pm and stayed til about 1:00am. After that my memory is fuzzy. Monday Joe and Lynette, Patricia, Sue?, and Nancy. Nancy stayed the night on a pull out chair. Today (Tues) Patricia, Joe, Nancy, and then Sue. Since my remedy is just rest and things are beginning to improve somewhat, we decided it wasn't necessary to stay the night.

Joe and Lynnette drove my car back to the house Monday.

Sunday was bad for pain and I hardly slept at all. Monday was a bad day since I had not just the pancreatic pain, but then the ulcer acid reflex. I managed some naps. Tuesday was much better. The pain has decreased slightly the acid tummy is mostly under control. I've even gotten out of the room. Pushing an IV stand and going up and down the ward past the nurses stations.


Becky said...

I read about these things every day at work (it's my job). And I think to myself that I'd better start watching what I eat and taking better care of myself or I'm gonna end up in the hospital like these poor people. BUT DO I??? No... WHY NOT???

I too have acid reflux and most nights have to sleep in an upright position. Long time ago (early 20's) I had a stomach ulcer and more recently have had bouts of diverticulitis. So what's it gonna take for me to be a healthier person?

Randy Durand said...

When Beth hit 250+ lbs (keep in mind that's on a 6 foot tall frame) something snapped. She's done various diets and books and so on, this time she found her way to weekly Weight-Watchers meetings. She's lost almost 85 lbs. Her brother had taken up bicycling and had dropped 25 lbs and since her WW program recommended finding an exercise to compliment the dieting she's become almost obsessed with it. Last year she did 5200 miles.

For her it's the weekly meetings that keep her at it and strengthen the commitment. I think it's been almost 3 years since starting WW, and when she's reached her goal she's going to keep going to the meetings.