Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hospital Day 4 noon

Still have some pain, but also some bloating and pain from the stomach acid and reflux. With the acid crawling into my throat and I'm not allowed to eat anything and only allowed to suck on ice. I'm having to deal with dual compounded problems.

Anyway in the overall view I'm slightly better than yesterday. Took a shower this morning. With the plastic sweat inducing bed I was getting a little greasy and grimy. Then took a stroll around the ward pushing the IV stand. I have a Student Nurse also this morning. A gal named Liz from Walla Walla University.

The drugs make it difficult to concentrate, so I've done very little reading. Mostly napping and staring into space. The IV's and the Pancreatitis keep me from being hungry

... more vital signs back moment

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Greg said...

I was going to email further best wishes, but this interwebz thingy seems to be even more popular. You have a reply to a previous post by Borepatch! NOW I'm envious. I haven't started this blog business because I just know it would take over my life.
I was trying to figure out what the "browncoat" references were all about, so I finally found an Amazon sale and ordered the DVD set of Firefly. Wow. It's pretty good stuff--and today from the brown truck of happiness I got my Brown Coat--a classic oilcloth duster from Sportsmans Guide. In the meantime, just Wikipedia up the Firefly and Serenity pages--they're a pretty good outline.