Monday, February 22, 2010

Hospital stay

After getting up today (Tuesday), having a pain med shot, and then walking around the nurses stations and local corridor, I'm actually feeling good enough to blog.

Where to begin.

Saturday I had been feeling bloated and a little constipated, so I took a Ducolax pill. Ducolax is a very mild drug. Sunday morning I had a regular BM and was feeling fine.

Sunday morning I took Beth to the airport. She's going to a Rep' Rally at the APQS, and will be their til Thursday afternoon. I had the usual microwave burritoes for lunch ( I know what you're thinking), and felt fine after lunch.

Dinner time, around 6:30, I had some leftovers, some hamburger-noodle-cream cheese casserole that we make every now and then. I had made it Saturday night so it probably was not food poisoning.

About 7:30pm it hit me fairly sudden. Feeling just like an intestinal gas bubble. The pain was getting worse to the point of doubling over and moaning loudly over and over again. But the gas bubble didn't want to move. The pain area all across the front just below the stomach, but above the belly button. By 8:00pm the pain was really bad and showed no signs of lessening. I through some shoes on and drove to the hospital emergency room. Yeah I'm one of those people who figures it'll be faster to not call 911 and just drive.

(the pain med's have reached their peak effectiveness and I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open. . . more in a bit)

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