Monday, March 1, 2010

health update

sorry I haven't posted, just have felt lousy enough not to, and somehow at home it was easier to ignore.

Gave up the pain meds on saturday afternoon. a trade off between pain and side effects. the sweats and chills diminished, and the intestines woke up.

sunday morning had a BM, not pretty but at least things are working.

my pancreas is still beat-up and painful and my intestines feel like somebody made hamburger out of them. Things are slowly getting better. Food is a problem, on the one hand I need the energy to get healthy and the bowels need to have some healthy food coming in to flush out the toxic debris of what got left in there, however at the same time the the pancreas is a prime supplier of digestive juices and insulin and glucagon and food intake is a trigger to make it and the intestines work, but they need to rest and recover not work.

Sunday night, I was rethinking the pain meds, just to get to sleep. Mistake. I took half a tablet. An hour later I woke up dripping in sweat. An hour later the same thing again. The bed and pajamas were so wet I stripped, put on my heavy terry cloth bathrobe and slept in my lounge chair in the office.

Monday, again things are slowly getting better. every tiny meal and rest is less painful than the last. I seem to move from resting in one place to another, from couch to couch, to bed, to chair, back to couch.

From the looks of it, I probably will spend the rest of the week in recovery.

Still no real clue as to how this all started, but I'm tired of having the bad luck healthwise.

On a Curiosity Side note: although it comes and goes, my sense of smell seems 10 times as powerful and sensitive, bizarre??