Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A few things at Keith's

I spent some time going through the brakes of the backhoe. There are three brake pedals; the main pedal has a master hydralic cylinder which runs two little external cylinders; and then there are the two "steering brakes" at your left heel position (shown here). These are purely mechanical. I've adjusted the brakes to just short of engaging, but even adjusted there is little braking power. I assume the pads are so worn as to be glazed and gone, or they were "dry" brakes which have been oiled by a leaking seal. The pad discs are either side of the differential and are a major operation to replace.
Here's the right side brake cylinder. It's missing its rubber protective boot and has totally rusted out both externally and internally. How it worked at all surprised me, but when I filled the master cylinder with fluid (totally dry), both cylinders actually worked and engaged what little brakes there are.
Rather than burning the scrap wood, I've been cutting it up for firewood. I expect to have a much larger stack when all is done, if anyone is interested in firewood.
These were some gates that Joyce had craigslisted. I think we could've gotten more, but they sold for $60.
Here's a trailer for you! Two pickup beds welded together. A tailgate at both ends for those long loads.
Keith had the John-Deere hay mower and a little tiny electric mower AND Nothing in between! Here is his roto-tiller tractor with the tiller removed and a sickle-bar attachment I found in a hay shed. Unfortunately the more I tried to get it to work the more it fell apart. With both the mower and tiller it might sell to an antique hobbyist for a good price. It's a 1950's Montgomery-Wards "Chor-Trac" garden tractor. They made dozens of implements that attached to them. ( I think the motor is not original though ).
This is my trailer. I got it free from my brother-in-law. The plywood box was all rotted out, so I've rebuilt it using some of Keith's rough-sawn lumber. The headboard and tailgate are some 1-1/8" plywood that I found up in the mill building. The frame of this thing is very heavy and stout. I've started to haul away the scrap metal. So far I've done three loads for a total of 3,100 lbs and $240 dollars.
I turned around and spent $260 dollars on this riding mower. I was looking for a couple of days and only saw junk, then happen to catch this just 20 minutes after the guy posted it on craigslist. It's also from an estate clearing, sold by a auto mechanic who fixed it and got it running for the lady and helped her sell it. This thing is great! Easily a $500 tractor.
It has a V-Twin, Briggs & Stratton, 20 HP engine that runs great, and he had put a new battery in it. I sharpened the blades which looked to have the original factory grinding marks on them (never been sharpened). I've mowed all the area around the house and garden and the driveways. It really makes the place look better to have mowed lawns rather than fields. I'm also going to mow some trails through the fields and woods so that the realtors can show the acreage easily.


Susan English said...

Great update. Nice to see you writing again!

7 of 9 said...

All this is very industrious of you, I'm impressed. Thank you for continuing to improve the Stearns property.

Barb and Ron said...

My you have been busy. Great find on the mower and the trailer looks fantastic.