Monday, June 28, 2010


Mowing some trails through the fields. Big-tongue dog really enjoys romping through the forest and fields. (82 degrees yesterday).
Fence is ready for wire from the northwest corner to the barn driveway. From there to the old wood fence is weed city and I'm having trouble getting the old gas weed eater to stay lit. I've removed and cleaned the carburetor as best I could but it acts like the high mixture jet is still faulty.
In addition to the pile of metal on the concrete pad that we built there was some more this side of the pad. I started clearing it from the road end, so far I've hauled 5000 lbs and haven't reached the pad yet. The white piece is the pile of wood; behind it is a small pile of rubber/plastic; the red piece is the old dozer blade from dad's John-Deere tractor.
There were two redwood trees in plastic pots stuck in the ground of the garden. I've transplanted them to the site of Keith's ashes. I'll soak them throughout the summer with 5-gallon buckets with small holes drilled in the bottom.

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Barb and Ron said...

Randall, Each time I read your blog I am more impressed with the talent and skills you possess. You are doing a great job of making the Stearns farm look the way it should. Keep up the good work - you are truly blessed.