Saturday, July 31, 2010

Presidential Media Appearance

My thoughts on our president's choice of public media appearances.
(OK, so I'm no expert at paintshop (gimp actually).

Next up, the president will discuss national security with the Teletubbies . . .

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Simple Truth

I was reading an article online and all the various politically biased comments that followed it. One reoccurring theme was how the currently elected politicians do not represent the majority of citizens. Then it hit me . . . a simple truth . . .

Politicians don't listen to the silent majority.

Now . . . whose fault is that?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Demolition week

The demolition work by Tabert Excavation and Trucking is completed. Sorry, but I don't yet have any good "after" pictures. The stark sunshine and shadow of mid-day photography makes for lousy shots, I'll try again some late evening this week. In the meantime here's some "during" photos.
The 500 gallon fuel tank that was beneath the little wood shed built on the pickup trailer. Tabert took this home for use.

Here he's crushing tanks. He would flatten these out like you wouldn't believe.

Here's an "after shot" of where the barn used to be. I swept the concrete and put some new gravel at the right end so far. The brown pipe with gray cap is the water well-head. He did a great job of filling in and reshaping the area. However, Keith had brought in so much fill dirt along the road side of the field that the barn area is still a low spot with no drainage slope. It will take a dozer to shape the entire area and field to get proper water drainage, but that's the next owner's task.

A load of tires and wheels. This is just the stuff from around the house and off of scrapped trailers. The local Sherwood Les-Schwab dealer took them for recycle and actually charged less than the county dumps. This load also included 7 batteries out of the mill building that looked 20 years old.

The white piece on top is the garden shed van. The brown is an old dump truck bed that sat beside the fuel tank and had been half buried with a pile of sand/gravel.

Having Fun

Cleaning the fields of weed seeds. This happens each time he goes to the farm. Luckily it only takes 15 minutes or so to brush it out.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Demolition started

Tuesday and Wednesday saw a lot of demolition progress. Part of the job is he has to separate the material into different piles before hauling away; wood, metal, garbage.
In addition to the big track-hoe and dump truck he brought these little toys also for going up to the mill building. His business is just down the road near Hwy99 so bringing extra equipment is not that big of a deal. That black blur in the foreground is dog-a-roo tearing around the corner of the garage. After another big day at the farm he is moving very slowly this morning.

The toyota and buick are gone, and the realtor sign is now in place. No news from the realtor on prospects (at least not to my ears).

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pirate Update and misc. . .

Here's the link for the Realtor listing of the Stearn's Estate. JohnLScott.

Saw the eye-doc this morning. Everything will be fine. Although the cornea is scratched, these things not only heal completely but also very fast. He's talking healed in 2 or 3 days at the most. I'm staying home today to rest it (eye doc's always use that stuff that dilate your eyes and your pretty much useless for several hours anyway). I took some pictures but without a mono-chromatic light source it's hard to see the scratches. All that can be seen is a small red dot of bruising. My vision is much improved already though still slightly blurry. The doc did give me some anti-biotic drops to use today and tomorrow.

Pirate Day !!

Aaaarrrh Matey, avast tha' look an' bring me some coffee!

While mowing lawns on the riding lawn mower, I had a tree branch whip back and smack me in the eye good and hard, and fast enough I didn't get the eyelids closed. I have a scratched cornea. I don't think it's serious, I'm given the impression these things heal OK.

I saw a doc at the Sherwood urgent care clinic who examined it well, wrote me a prescription for vicodin, and patched it up. A tetanus shot and some eye ointment also. He wanted me to check in again today, but instead of driving to Sherwood I'll go see Beth's Ophthalmologist here in Portland.

I met with Tabert Excavation yesterday about the demolition of the barn and so on. He'll be starting today and figures a few days this week and one or two next week. We're also getting a general garbage dumpster like we did before to finish out the house and mill building garbage.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Bats, Bambi, and Barrels

The hydrangea is blooming at the Stearn's Estate. Summer is here.
Bats in the garage attic. I'm guessing there are 16, maybe 18 up there (see those hiding behind the stud). These guys are quite small, not much bigger than a mouse. They eat bugs, so I'm all for leaving them be.
Bambi of Brookwood Road.
Fencing completed on the first two sections. Mowing the fields around the house really does give the place a nice appearance. I met and chatted with the realtor for a few minutes last week. The realtor has placed small signs on the property and a large one should be coming soon.
The cleanup progresses slowly. Last week it seemed a lot of people were on vacation but this week things should start moving again. The guy who bought the pickup and Buick should be coming to get them now that we have titles (he has to arrange a tow-truck for the buick). I've had a guy show serious interest in the JohnDeere tractor and mower. The demolition contractor should also be out to discuss the details and let me know when he can get started. In the mean-time I've been hauling stuff out of the woods. I'd prefer he didn't have to go up into the woods with heavy equipment. If his demolition doesn't include a general garbage dumpster then I'll be arranging to get one of those and finish the cleaning of the house, garage, and woodshed.