Monday, July 12, 2010

Bats, Bambi, and Barrels

The hydrangea is blooming at the Stearn's Estate. Summer is here.
Bats in the garage attic. I'm guessing there are 16, maybe 18 up there (see those hiding behind the stud). These guys are quite small, not much bigger than a mouse. They eat bugs, so I'm all for leaving them be.
Bambi of Brookwood Road.
Fencing completed on the first two sections. Mowing the fields around the house really does give the place a nice appearance. I met and chatted with the realtor for a few minutes last week. The realtor has placed small signs on the property and a large one should be coming soon.
The cleanup progresses slowly. Last week it seemed a lot of people were on vacation but this week things should start moving again. The guy who bought the pickup and Buick should be coming to get them now that we have titles (he has to arrange a tow-truck for the buick). I've had a guy show serious interest in the JohnDeere tractor and mower. The demolition contractor should also be out to discuss the details and let me know when he can get started. In the mean-time I've been hauling stuff out of the woods. I'd prefer he didn't have to go up into the woods with heavy equipment. If his demolition doesn't include a general garbage dumpster then I'll be arranging to get one of those and finish the cleaning of the house, garage, and woodshed.

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Mom and Dad said...

Thanks ever so much for the up-date --
the pictures are great!!