Saturday, July 24, 2010

Demolition week

The demolition work by Tabert Excavation and Trucking is completed. Sorry, but I don't yet have any good "after" pictures. The stark sunshine and shadow of mid-day photography makes for lousy shots, I'll try again some late evening this week. In the meantime here's some "during" photos.
The 500 gallon fuel tank that was beneath the little wood shed built on the pickup trailer. Tabert took this home for use.

Here he's crushing tanks. He would flatten these out like you wouldn't believe.

Here's an "after shot" of where the barn used to be. I swept the concrete and put some new gravel at the right end so far. The brown pipe with gray cap is the water well-head. He did a great job of filling in and reshaping the area. However, Keith had brought in so much fill dirt along the road side of the field that the barn area is still a low spot with no drainage slope. It will take a dozer to shape the entire area and field to get proper water drainage, but that's the next owner's task.

A load of tires and wheels. This is just the stuff from around the house and off of scrapped trailers. The local Sherwood Les-Schwab dealer took them for recycle and actually charged less than the county dumps. This load also included 7 batteries out of the mill building that looked 20 years old.

The white piece on top is the garden shed van. The brown is an old dump truck bed that sat beside the fuel tank and had been half buried with a pile of sand/gravel.

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Aunty Joy said...

Randall, Thanks for the pics. They sure help in keeping us up to date on what is happening. One suggestion: Get Toby to shake off the weed seeds where the barn was - we can have the spot replanted in a hurry. Aloha, Joyce