Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pirate Day !!

Aaaarrrh Matey, avast tha' look an' bring me some coffee!

While mowing lawns on the riding lawn mower, I had a tree branch whip back and smack me in the eye good and hard, and fast enough I didn't get the eyelids closed. I have a scratched cornea. I don't think it's serious, I'm given the impression these things heal OK.

I saw a doc at the Sherwood urgent care clinic who examined it well, wrote me a prescription for vicodin, and patched it up. A tetanus shot and some eye ointment also. He wanted me to check in again today, but instead of driving to Sherwood I'll go see Beth's Ophthalmologist here in Portland.

I met with Tabert Excavation yesterday about the demolition of the barn and so on. He'll be starting today and figures a few days this week and one or two next week. We're also getting a general garbage dumpster like we did before to finish out the house and mill building garbage.


Greg said...

My thanks as well for the outstanding updates and snapshots.
I am very glad to hear that we're getting the pro's to deal with that burned barn. While it can be done by hand, it's not only hard work, it's dangerous. Even with steel-toed boots, hardhats, and tetanus shots, it's just downright hazardous. Better to let the heavy equipment do in a matter of hours what would take weeks by hand.
And though I could probably find it if I spent the time to search, do you have a link to the listing online?

Gordon R. Durand said...

Try this link:


Or just google 16650 Brookman Sherwood.