Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bank Runs - Part II

Problem banks . . .
The FDIC reported a second consecutive increase in its deposit insurance fund, -snip- but it still operates in the red, with a deficit of $15.2 billion.

Aaaaahhhh, so that's the reason to advertise with the typical government double-talk that "everything is OK folks, nothing to see here, move along . . . your deposits are safe."

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Anti-Imperialists !!!

"I support the right of the Jedi to build a temple, but does it have to be two blocks from the ruins of the Death Star?"

from: Cedar Posts and Barbwire Fences: Tweet of the Day!

Monday, August 23, 2010

London on a Shoestring

More highway-side-little-Oregon-towns adventures.
North on I-5, south of Cottage Grove. According to the map beyond Scotts Valley is the town of "London", London Oregon that is.
From all I could see Scotts Valley consists of one little school building a short distance from I-5. I couldn't find any community center at all.
As you go up into the valley the road is intermittently pavement and gravel. Here we come across a doe and her fawn standing by the side of the road.
At a junction, one road goes south to Elkhead, and the other turns north to London. Up on the crest of a ridge you go from the gravel road of Douglas county to the much better paved road of Lane county. The road sign isn't just funny for what it says, but for the fact it's on a little road out in the country in the middle of nowhere.
Coming into London you come to a tee in the road and find yourself looking at Church at London. London seems to consist of a Grange, Church, School, and Mini-Mart. All spaced at least 1/4 mile from each other. The sign for the Grange pointed south so we didn't get to see it.
I didn't catch the name of the road that London sits on, but the road we came in on is called "Shoestring road", so seeing London on a Shoestring is possible . . . in Oregon.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

The NYC Cordoba Mosque

Even if:
The owners, financial backers, builders, imams, members, and patrons of the mosque are completely innocent of anything and everything you could think of, and they have complete legal rights of property ownership to build a religious facility.

You cannot deny;
That the fanatic, hard-line, Islamic terrorists around the world and those that support them will view the 13 story mosque overlooking the WTC neighborhood as a symbolic monument of triumph and victory. That these same groups, who wish the US and its citizens harm, will celebrate its construction and be emboldened, encouraged, and aided in their propaganda to continue their terrorist jihad against the US and western civilization.

Now . . .
It is the primary purpose and duty of the United States government to protect its citizens. Does that not include deterring and prohibiting aide to those that have sworn to do us harm?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bank Runs?

Was listening to the radio today when I heard a commercial that struck me as being rather odd. It said something like "and for 75 years not one customer has lost one cent in FDIC insured accounts". I wasn't listening at first and I thought it was an ad for a bank. I snickered at the stupidity of the statement, of course an insured account didn't lose money, and then as the ad continued I realized the ad was by the FDIC itself!

Now I've heard bank ads before mentioning their FDIC insurance but I don't recall an ad directly from the FDIC. It makes me wonder two things. The first is my fiscal conservative attitude kicking in and saying 'why is the government spending money on ads to tell people something that everyone knows?' The second I guess is from a conspiracy slant, 'why the sudden need to reassure the public that their bank deposits are safe?'

Is there something happening with bank deposits that I haven't heard on the news. My understanding of the current economy was that people in fear of losing jobs are paying down debts, not spending money, and saving more money than they have in nearly a decade. So if people are putting money in the bank rather than the stores, why is the government needing to reassure depositors?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Patricia Neal 1926-2010

Actress Patricia Neal passed away a couple of days ago. I remember her most for her role of "Maggie" in "In Harm's Way" a John Wayne WWII movie. I think this is one of the best love scenes ever filmed.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sympathy for Bacon

An article at PJMedia with a few things I've thought all along.
for Islam is not merely a religious doctrine, but a comprehensive socio-economic and political system. . .

“The war is about the survival of Western civilization,

The root article the PJMedia article refers to is even better.