Friday, September 10, 2010

Bad Engineer, Bad!

What should be added to a Belkin Wireless Router.

The Belkin wireless router has no power switch, no reset button, no switch or button of any kind. It has a power module (wall-wart) which plugs into it. That's it.

This implies that the only time it needs to boot and initialize is the very first day you buy it and plug it in, that somehow its electronics, functioning, and programming are so immaculately stable and self correcting that it will never need to be reset, EVER!

Personally I think some bean-counter was saving 2 cents on a switch component.


innominatus said...

Not just Belkin. Linksys routers have given me plenty of grief, too.

Gordon R. Durand said...

Maybe they figure that since cycling the power is all you can do, why bother? Just yank the plug.

And when the IT guys told me to "wait a few seconds for all the electrons to drain out" I thought they were just kidding.

...they weren't.