Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bugging Out

When we cleaned out Keith's in May I vacuumed up the dried remnants of a bug infestation around the windows inside the upstairs bedrooms. Well it seems they're back.
I assume they are hatching out from underneath the shingle siding. It seems to be just this East facing wall which catches the morning sun.
I'm not sure just what the little boogers are. It might be fun to surf the internet and find out.

Update: Well that didn't take long. They appear to be "Box Elder Bugs", also known as "Garage Beetles" and "Stink Bugs", although the name Stink Bugs has been applied to many different bugs.


Mom and Dad said...

Box Elder Bugs are pretty harmless --just annoying. I spray the ones I can reach with Raid early in the mornings. I'll bring a can when we come!

Greg said...

We have an outbreak of them every year, some years worse than others. Kaia called them Maple Bugs because they seemed to come from the big Maples, but yes, it is the garage that they cover in the sunshine.
Box Elder Beetles is what I've been told is a more accurate name, ours have more red coloration. No idea why they'd be called "stink bugs". They don't stink (though I haven't mashed any to see). They're pretty harmless, don't bite or sting or leave any mess, and the most annoying thing about them is their ability to get inside a car, no matter how tightly closed it is.