Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just Some Pictures

Where the barn was. The new grass coming up through the old hay mulch. ( pic from a couple of weeks ago).
Where the hay barn, cattle shed, and old fiberglass shed used to be.
The pond at its lowest, late August. The creek still had puddles all the way down it, but no visibly running water.


MAX Redline said...

Nice property. It's really too bad that the structure visible jutting out into the pond is not approved by Oregon's OSHA nor its DEQ. The structure will need to be removed.

Fortunately, your fine for habitat disturbance probably won't exceed $20,000.

Mom and Dad said...

WHO ! is Max Redline ?

Randy Durand said...

Max is just a conservative blogger. I'm sure his comment is meant to be satire. Nothing to worry about.

OSHA is Occupational Health and has no say-so on private property that does not employ people. So that part is meaningless.

The pond is old enough that DEQ is long past having any right to require changes.