Friday, October 15, 2010

Warm Beer

Found Keith's place without power this week. Seemed to have been out a while, there was no water pressure at all and the fridge was warm. After checking a few things I found the power meter (which is a newer style with digital display) had no display. I called PGE and while chatting with them found the cause at the power pole. The high voltage connection to the transformer... well... fell out. It's just a little old it seems. The transformer supplies only Keith's house so nobody else had reported a power outage.
It wasn't a busy day for power crews, so these guys were out within an hour.
All put back together, and the beer is saved!


innominatus said...

I love a happy ending

Mom and Dad said...

Sorry you had the job of cleaning up the fridge. I was planning on doing that this time we come up.
We plan on being there about noonish on Thurs.