Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving of Thanks Day

Toby running through the fall woods a couple of weeks ago.

It was 59 degrees yesterday... inside the house.  But that's what you get in an old 1929 house, without insulation, during a cold snap.  Flannel lined jeans and sweatshirts, in case your wondering.

I've managed to land a "survival job" as Greg calls it.  Telephone Tech-Support in a company called ACS.  ACS does tech-support and customer service work for various companies, and is a worldwide company with some 80,000 employees.  They're doing an expansion in Tualatin and the huge amount of hiring they are doing even made the news a few weeks back.


Greg said...

Congratulations. It may be "just a survival job", but with a good attitude and an open mind, it is always possible to be a stepping stone to better things. Good luck.

Mom and Dad said...

You've made my day marvelously thankful. Best of Luck. Love, Mom

Julie said...

Hey, Coby started out in one of those big call centers and now he works for a small independent company doing the exact same job (supporting the same piece of software), but he gets to work from home, half-time and makes more than he did working full-time at the call center. For as long as it continues, we are blessed. Maybe this job will turn into that for you and Beth!

Susan English said...

So...when are we going to hear how this is working out?