Sunday, May 30, 2010


Wow, . . . I haven't posted in a long time.

Reasons I haven't posted;

I've been unemployed for so long that I'm fighting depression. If you've never experienced classic clinical depression then I don't want to hear your comments or advice. I could rant about depression, . . . but I'm too depressed.

Politics. Politics is the same old B.S. that's been going on for a hundred years, just with new names and buzz-words. Being a stout member of the silent majority, my only involvement in politics is bitching and voting. Wake me up when we get closer to the next election.

Too Busy. Hey, it's hard and time-consuming work procrastinating and watching my career and life spiral down the toilet. No really, my uncle Keith passed away and being both living nearby and with nothing to do, I've been quite busy helping to clean and prepare the estate for sale. I've been out there practically every day for three weeks.

I'd think up more reasons but my mind is currently thinking more about dinner. . . .