Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Passing of a Legend

Pyro the cat passed away yesterday. He was named Pyromaniac because he liked to get close to and stare at the fire in the fireplace. He belonged to the previous owner's of our house and when we bought and they moved he refused to go. (Dogs are pack animals, Cats are territorial) The owner's had moved to temporary quarters a few blocks away and Pyro kept coming back here. He would climb the trees and get in through the second story windows. We and the owner's decided he could stay.

He was about 5 years old then, and passed away at about 16. Over the last year we saw changes in him that indicated he was nearing his last days, so this is not unexpected. He seemed to be "going senile" and his weight seemed to fluctuate and his coat lost some luster.

Beth found him passed away in the upstairs hallway. Really quite a blessing, much better than having him simply disappear or finding him weeks later. Beth was quite broken up and very teary all day. We buried him in the backyard so that he could remain with "his house" that he refused to leave. Rest in Peace Pyro, we'll miss you.

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