Sunday, October 30, 2011

Counter Tops

 After two years delay, the kitchen remodel progresses again.  We now have counter-tops!  This is "Wilsonart" solid surface material.  Put in by our cabinet maker.

 The sink is a stainless steel under-mount.  The cabinet maker mounted it, but only it.  I was left to locate and drill the holes for the faucet, mount it, and re-install all the drain plumbing.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

WW Leader Rookie of the Year

Beth is awarded Weight-Watchers "Rookie of the Year" employee award.


I recently updated our television system to one of those wide-screen flat-panel led-lcd TV's.  I bought a 40" Toshiba, plus a Samsung DVD/Surround-Sound system to go with it.

The question then became, "How do you dispose of an 80lb outdated piece of consumer electronics?"

No one in the family seemed to want it.  Recycling centers actually charge $25 to $40 for Cathode Ray Tube disposal (depending on size).  Where else do you turn? . . . Craigslist!

Not only did it not cost me money to recycle it, but it sold within 10 minutes, was hauled away within an hour, AND they paid me $25!

Quilt Shows

A few weeks ago Beth and her friend ran the APQS booth at a Quilting show out at the EXPO center.  This week she helped with the APQS company ran booth at the Long-Arm Quiliters show at the convention center.

For her show we had to dismantle her machine, pass it out the basement window and haul it to the show in an open trailer.  I printed the banner sign for her at work (fringe benefit) on our 24" wide inkjet printer.

For Beth's Quilting business see the link to the right.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Wow, I haven't posted in a while.  Just been too busy with the new job.  It's excellent working for a smaller company without all the bureaucracy of a large corporation. 

I've been considering upgrading my laptop.  But it's the old conundrum, small and lightweight, or power and features.  I was considering a Netbook, but Gordon turned me on to the limitations of a 600 pixel high screen.  But looking beyond netbooks, I ended up looking at the same thing I've got now, only newer.  I call my current laptop "the Brick", and yet this one I'm looking at is the exact same size and weight!

But it does have features:
64-bit Operating System,
4 Gbyte memory,
VGA and HDMI outputs (this is important to my job).
memory card reader built-in,
plus the "Trackpoint" joystick button I've gotten used to.

Will I get it?...  I don't know yet,... I have spent a lot of money lately and should slow down...