Thursday, November 8, 2012


Consoling myself for the socialist victory by purchasing a new computer.  Pssst... don't tell the wife.

The last time I updated computers for my wife and I, we went from very old computers to slightly old computers.  This one is a little closer to being 'not' obsolete.  It comes with Windows-7, not the new Win8 phone/tablet touchscreen icons hype.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Reasons Romney Lost

1. 'lady parts'
2. 'gimme, gimme,...'
3. '1%'
4. 'Gayrriage'

Things young liberals don't pay attention to:
1. 'foreign policies'
2. 'structure and principals of government'
3. 'macro-economics and the economy as a whole'

That's right GOP! We lost because of the little stuff!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why I'm against Obama-care

Dr. Barbara Bellar, a former nun, Army major, lawyer, college professor and a physician.
Read more at: FoxNews

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Long time no post

The wife wanted to text easier, so I bought her the most basic phone with a slide out button qwerty keypad.  The phone developed an annoying echo which we couldn't fix.  Then she says she would prefer a touchscreen keyboard like her ipod-touch rather than actual buttons....

So we're finally joining the crowd and I bought us identical smart-ass phones with a monthly data plan.  She can now text and google map search out all the quilt shops while traveling.

Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G.  Not to be confused with the Samsung Exhibit 4G.

They're Adroid, so its a learning experience from the Apple iphones I've dealt with.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Help! Fashion Police!

Am I the only one who's embarrassed to have this be the image of the First Lady of the United States of America?

Am I just getting old?

Am I just a former member of our military who honors and respects the office of the President and Commander-in-Chief, and finds this image... well.... less than lady-like?

I can't wait for November!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Three point Eight Seven Five

Mortgage rates are now lower than they've been in the last twenty years.

Monday we signed the papers to refinance our home.  We'll save $25,000 over the life of the loan, or $40,000 if we keep making the same payment.

Posting Oasis

Haven't posted in a long time.  I've been busy with work and quite frankly the news is the same 'ol stories over and over again.

Story 1: endless political campaigning.  My only comment on the primaries is I'm disgusted with pundits constantly declaring winners before I even get to vote.

Story 2: MidEast Turmoil.  What else is new?  I say "Drill here, stop buying their oil, ignore them, and let 'em go back to the fifth century hell they seem to want to go to."

Story 3:  Government Debts.  People talk of class warfare.  The real split is slowly emerging.  It'll be between tax-payers and tax-takers (benefit receivers and government workers).  My opinion; Atlas Shrugged.  Stop enabling the addict with our taxes.

Stories 4 through infinity.  Scandals... sexual, financial, political, blah blah blah....  Are they no longer any decent people in this world?