Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"Guns are icky!"

Here's a brief article that caught my eye today.  It covers part of what I think about 'gunny control', which is that most gunny control does nothing to stop bad guys or tragedies.

BTW...  That's a Remington model 597 Heavy Barrel 22LR.  It's what I've been considering lately... as soon as I can find a gunny store that's not completely sold out of everything and doesn't have people lined up at the counters.  Perhaps it's O'barack's plan for full employment... at least within the gunny industry.

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Gordon R. Durand said...

I'm thinking of heading to the range January 19th for Gun Appreciation Day and test firing some guns I've owned for over a year and haven't fired: the Win .22, the Rem 20, the double barrel 12, and the Nazi 8. It will be a horrendous tragedy. Cardboard will be shredded and a whole lot of balloons are going to give up their gas.

Wish you could be there.