Sunday, June 16, 2013

For all your bacwards compatibility needs.

I was browsing my favorite online toy store 'TigerDirect' today.  I was browsing cheap new computers for possible use at work, when I came across this one.

It's an H.P. Compaq.  Brand new with an Intel I7-3770 (3rd gen), which is about as fast as they come.

But... what a minute...??  

PS2 mouse and keyboard connectors?  I though they went out of style with 486 chips.

VGA video?  Are we really still hanging on to analog video.  Is this for those of you unwilling to part with your 17" grey-scale CRT?  Computers operate in the digital realm.  All flat panel monitors are digital.  Why would you connect the two with an analog signal?

Serial port?  Ok,... this isn't totally unreasonable.  There's still a lot of 70's and 80's commercial equipment out there with serial communication configuration and programming ports... I guess...

Parallel port???   Alright, who's still worshiping to their 24-pin dot matrix, ink ribbon printers?  (and making portraits out of ASCII characters.)

Display port?  OK, this isn't old fashioned, but the only people I know really using display port are those Apple freaks with their white monitors which accept and display one, and only one, resolution.  Display port is intended to be the next generation replacement of VGA and DVI, however, HDMI is more widely accepted and available, and so currently would be a whole lot more useful.

Oh well... ever since Mr. Hewlett and Mr. Packard left........