Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Church of the Walking Dog

The last several Sundays I've been getting 'out of the house' by going to Sandy River Delta park.  It's located where the Sandy river empties into the Columbia river.  Bordered by the two rivers and highway 84.  Big fields and some trees.  It's become a dog walking destination for a lot of people and unless you get there early you don't get a parking spot.  But even so, there's enough acreage to mostly get away from other people.  The vast majority seem to stick to the larger graveled paths, whereas Toby and I go off on the dirt paths and old pickup trails.


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Greg said...

Since Annie is too arthritic to do a dogwalk anymore, it has freed up my mornings and I've gotten a lot more accomplished in the way of projects and chores. But....I do miss those walks. Do treasure those times with Toby. A dogs time on this earth is all too short.
One recurring thought as we walked, especially along the Bear Creek greenway, is that her perceptions of sight, sound, and smell are so vastly different from mine that we may as well have been on different planets. I'm sure you appreciate that Toby's world is one we can only imagine and catch the faintest glimpses of.