Monday, November 25, 2013


Church of the Walking Dog explores 'Angel's Rest Trail'.  This is up the Columbia gorge at the Bridal Veil exit.  It's a steep hike and some of the trail is rough, but I've got new hiking boots this fall.  My pulse rate hit the red zone a couple of times going up (1,540 feet climb in 2.3 miles), but we survived and had fun.  It was a beautiful sunshiny day, but a little cold and with some strong gorge winds in places.
Oh, boy!  Hiking trail... Hiking trail...
Lots to smell and see!
Tug-boat and barges on the Columbia.
Cross the creek... 
Get a drink...
Hurry, hurry!  I can see the top!
Bad, unsociable dogs go back on leash!
At the top!  
Forty MPH wind gusts or better.  
Not a place to eat lunch today.  
We'll rest someplace nicer 
on the way down.
Home again, home again. 
A bath in the afternoon,
Rub our sore knees.
A nap and a snooze,
To recover ourselves.
Waking up tomorrow,
we'll be stiff and happy.

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