Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Day C.W.D.

Thanksgiving Day Special 'Church of the Walking Dog' takes us to 'Devil's Rest'.

Wahkeena Creek, in between Bridal Veil and Multnomah Falls.
Nearly every map you find has different information.  Makes me want to buy a top quality GPS and publish my own maps.
Most of the first mile of trail up to the first lookout is pavement.  Try taking a picture of a dog going up a trail.  Every time you stop to snap a photo he turns around to come back to see if you're alright.
Kept him on leash until we got past the pavement (tourist) area.
Steep enough they have rock walls both above and below the trail.
First viewpoint.
Quite a haze in the gorge today.
Now we hit the trail.  Up the creek's canyon, back and forth across bridges.
Looking for a drink.
This signpost has been there awhile.
A clear sunshiny day... if you're a sparrow sitting on the top branches.
Towards the top of the canyon, great stretches of the trail had their surface raise on inches of ice.  Some places broken through and some where you hear the hollowness under your boots.  The shape of the ice crystals was fascinating.
Looking for Trolls under the bridges.
On top of the canyon rim.
We found two places with little tiny viewpoints.  Maps put them about 2200 feet elevation.  2200 feet in 3-1/3 miles, that's a 0.7 stair-master rating.
Here's the second.

Looking over all the maps today, it seems we may not have gone all the way to "Devils Rest".  The trail continued (a loop trail to Angels Rest), but we turned back after these viewpoints. It seems there is a hill slightly back from the gorge edge which rises another two hundred feet.  That may be the actual Devils Rest, but there may be no viewpoints there.  We met two groups of people arguing over maps/guide-books/cell-phones.  It seems each group had come from opposite directions on the trail and neither had yet found Devils Rest.

After we left them, we found these viewpoints less than a quarter mile further on and we decided this was it.

Best guess, we did about 7 miles round trip.  Even Toby was walking slow as we got back to the car.  One minor blister on the back of the left heel, so we survived pretty good.  (my heel, not his)

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