Monday, December 16, 2013

CWD, Multnomah / Wahkeena Loop Trail

Parked in the Wahkeena parking lot, then hiked the trail along the old highway to Multnomah falls.

 An iced up creek.
Multnomah Falls with leftover ice from our cold snap.  As we were hiking away, there was a rumble of thunder and we turned to see ice smashing to bits as it hit some rocks half way down.  Awesome sound.

 Multnomah trail is mostly pavement up to the falls overlook.  Then we cross the creek to the non-tourist part of the trail and start up the creek's ravine.
 One of several falls.
Multnomah ravine had spots of ice on the trail.  This was the most hazardous.  I was fool enough to cross this (while hiking alone).

Here we turned out of Multnomah creek ravine to head over to Wahkeena.
Last time I had trouble getting Toby to cross a creek.  This time he happily splashed around and through several creeks.  The water must be near ice, but he didn't seem to mind.
Here's a link to a great website of the gorge hikes.

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