Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bigger Drawers

My wife has always hated my old dresser.  The drawers are always over stuffed and some are hard to  slide open, in addition to looking like cheap plastic-covered particle board.  A couple of weeks ago I finally found the "to-it" to get around to replacing it.

The new one is better looking plastic covered particle board... courtesy of IKEA.  However, the drawers are much bigger, it has metal and bearing drawer slides, and just looks better.  But I'm not a fan of the IKEA Scandinavian 'modern' look so I went to the hardware store and bought a set of knobs for it.  They certainly change the appearance of it, a softer, more traditional look I think.

Rat Shot

I've always wanted a .22 cal tin can plinker (TCP).  So the recent whoo-hah brought about the coincidence of my want of a TCP with my desire for political protest against the libs.  My new Remington 597 HB arrived a couple of weeks ago.

It is at the moment a thing to look at, not a firearm, due to the complete lack of ammunition... anywhere... at all.  The only .22 ammo available for sale is #12 shot.  Commonly known as "Rat Shot", or "Bird Shot".  I did finally order some normal 22 ammo online, backordered that is, due sometime late February.

Speaking of Rats...  A couple of weeks ago I went to the garden shed to get the rakes only to have a rat run past me as I opened the door.  It ran to the neighbors yard and into one of the brush piles they've left on the ground for months.  We then went into the shed and chased another out.  This one Toby caught (good dog!).  I disposed it with a shovel and then went straight to the hardware store for traps.  The next day we had the first rat, and several days later we had another pair!  Four all total so far.  Our neighbors who left the brush piles have also been evicted and have left piles of garbage and stuff throughout their yards.  In addition we have another back yard neighbor doing the whole urban-chicken thing.

Here's a good link;  Lack of ammo.