Tuesday, January 21, 2014

CWD 1/19, Hearing Strange Birds

It was a gorgeous day, but I still have yet to organize a backpack so it's off to the dog park again.  We did do our best to do two hours, but it's hard.  It takes at least a couple of turns around the park to do that.  But we need our training before hitting the trails again... hopefully in March.

We were walking along when I heard a bird call I hadn't heard before.  It had a strange tone and tune.  Heard it again, but now a different tune.  It was getting louder, so maybe we'd spot it ahead on the trail...
The bird call/song had an eerie sound to it.  Like, well I don't know...  We came around the corner and there it was!
A Great Dane with a Squeaky-Toy......

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