Sunday, January 5, 2014

First CWD 2014

 Sandy Delta Park (dog park).  We'll probably be doing a lot of the dog park during the winter, but at least we get out of the house and off-leash, which we can't do in the local neighborhoods and city parks.

That shadow on the horizon is Mt Hood.
 Besides we still have some backpack organizing to do before hitting the trails again.  Picked up a couple of things at Christmas, but still a small list of things to acquire.

Toby had great fun off-leash as usual.  Meeting all the other dogs and running after every interesting scent.  Only had to growl at one bitch who was being too rambunctious.  (We like our women slow.  Easy... but slow).

 Christmas gave me a good rain jacket, some hiking socks, a down vest, and a new swiss army knife.
 It was cold (29° F) and the wind was up today.  15-20 mph when we started at 9:45am and freshened to 30 mph or so by the time we left.  We started all bundled up with wool gloves and wool hat down over the ears, double socks and flannel lined jeans.  By 10:30 we had the hat and gloves off and the coat unzipped.  Toby wore both his thunder-coat and his rain coat for extra warmth.
But the sky was clear and the sunshine bright.  We've had a very dry winter so far.  It makes for good walking, but we could probably use a snow pack for water next summer.

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