Saturday, February 8, 2014

CWD, Roseburg, Feb 1st

 Toby had a great time visiting the GrandParents.

He especially loved chasing and looking for Henny-Penny.
 He loved the big open fields the best.  Somehow the smells were so different and intriguing.  He muzzled through all the grass and holes, running from smell to smell.
Up the front hill.

Toby's never taken such a long road trip and his anxiety for the weekend was a little high.  He did manage to tolerate the drive ok and once settled in he slept through the nights without complaint.  He did overeat one dinner and threw up in the middle of the living room (he's so sorry... ), but it wasn't too messy at least.

Once back home, everything was right with the world and he's feeling fine again.  He did manage to scratch his eye on something in the field and pick up a couple of ticks, but the vet's got him fixed up.  Eye drops for a week while the scratch heals... guess he's just imitating Gramma and Grandpa.

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