Monday, May 26, 2014

1 in 85, Memorial Day

It makes me feel like a redneck, ultra-conservative, Republican, right-wing, NRA member, Christian, John Wayne loving, flag waving, founding fathers believin', freedom loving, ....

Took a walk around the block in my neighborhood.  In ALL the 85 houses... mine is the ONLY one flying an American Flag on a national holiday honoring our soldiers who perished in battle defending freedom.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

CWD - May 18th

Seems like it's been a while since we went walking, so it's only the dog park again, but at least we got off our lazy butts.

It was a drizzly morning.  The field grass is growing fast.
The river is high enough, you can't get to the open beach.
The wild roses were in bloom all over the park.  A belated 'Happy Mother's Day' to you mom.
Spotted this little guy in the middle of the path on a tree root.
Took time to take a number of photos hoping at least a couple would turn out, and he eventually stuck his  eye stalks and tentacles out.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day (belated post)

Last weekend as a Mother's Day gift she got her mother tickets to the Portland Opera production of 'The Pirates of Penzance', a Gilbert and Sullivan creation.  Beth, I and her mother went to the Sunday matinee production and then had dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant afterwards.

I won't critique the play here, but will only say... I've seen better productions of The Pirates of Penzance.