Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Breaking the writer's (blogger's) block.

While traveling back north I stopped for gas and an early dinner in Albany.  The gas station jockey was chatty and when I said I was looking for a place to eat he right off recommended Pop's, just three blocks further on.

Yeah it was early, but when most of the people in it were older folks I knew I was in the right joint.  A good old fashion greasy spoon.  The triple decker "Honey Nut Roast Beef Melt" with a cup of chili was perfect.  The bread grilled as dark as you can get without actually burning it was the tastiest combo with the thinly sliced roast beef.  Ok, maybe I was rather hungry, but it was good!

Don't forget to try the Cheddar Munchers also!  Deep fried tater-tot like things with bits of cheese and jalapeno, and served with ranch dip.

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7 of 9 said...

Happy to read you're back from blogger's block. Missed your "tell it like it is" commentary.