Monday, October 27, 2014

Sunday Drive home

Upon leaving Roseburg Sunday, I did a little sight-seeing.

First I drove up into the neighborhood above downtown Roseburg.  Up Terrace drive, to Summit drive.  Towards the end I came upon a house right in the middle of this neighborhood with seven deer in the front yard.  Just meandering around his lawn, his driveway, sidewalks, around the cars.  A little forked horn and six does and juveniles.  I snapped some pictures with the cell phone, but nothing turned out well enough to show anything clearly.

On leaving town, I drove north on Stephens, then out past winchester and into Sutherlin on 99.  I drove through Sutherlin looking for the movie-theatre RV park people talk about, but didn't see it.  This had put me on highway 138 heading northwest, so I decided to take a scenic drive since I had time.

Out 138 past Tyee recreation area, into Elkton at the junction of 138 and 38.  Then northeast on 38 through Drain and back to I-5.

The countryside out that way is spectacular.  Well worth the extra time to take the detour

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