Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weekend October 19th

Spent Saturday raking the lawns and generally cleaning things up.  Watched an old movie called "Flight to Tangier" with a very young Jack Palance.  Sat down for a nap and woke nearly four hours later.  Beth and her friend took Toby and her friends young lab for a long walk and Toby was exhausted.

Sunday Toby said he wanted to go to the dog park even though he had the marathon walk yesterday, so he and I went.  At the dog park he's off leash and can go at his own pace.  We haven't been in over three weeks and he had a good time.  He only barked at a rambunctious four month old cocker spaniel puppy.  The river was at low tide.  Toby's not a water dog, but he loves to splash his toes through 3 or 4 inches of water.

Sunday was drier, and after a nap, I mowed the lawns and put down some fertilizer.  I'm still trying to get a decent lawn to grow again, and not leave me with a mud hole during the winters.  Watched another old movie "Fair Wind to Java" with Fred MacMurray as a swash-buckling sea captian.

Prior to dinner Sunday, Toby was acting very stiff in back, so we dug through the cupboards and came up with an old pain medication from the vets (Vetprofen).  About 15 minutes after one of those he was bouncing.

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Greg said...

We discovered carprofen (Vetprofen is a brand X version and Rimadyl is the original and expensive version) because they also use it as a post-op pain med. It was like taking three years off of Annie, and we started using it regularly for her arthritis. I use naproxen (generic Aleve) myself, and get the same effect. It's wonderful for muscle and joint pain. For her last year, Annie was on carprofen, gabapentin (used on people for migraines), and oxycodone (a narcotic painkiller--and currently the most abused drug there is). The three drug cocktail gave Annie a year she would not have had otherwise.