Thursday, October 30, 2014


Just a random blog post to fill the void.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Sunday Drive home

Upon leaving Roseburg Sunday, I did a little sight-seeing.

First I drove up into the neighborhood above downtown Roseburg.  Up Terrace drive, to Summit drive.  Towards the end I came upon a house right in the middle of this neighborhood with seven deer in the front yard.  Just meandering around his lawn, his driveway, sidewalks, around the cars.  A little forked horn and six does and juveniles.  I snapped some pictures with the cell phone, but nothing turned out well enough to show anything clearly.

On leaving town, I drove north on Stephens, then out past winchester and into Sutherlin on 99.  I drove through Sutherlin looking for the movie-theatre RV park people talk about, but didn't see it.  This had put me on highway 138 heading northwest, so I decided to take a scenic drive since I had time.

Out 138 past Tyee recreation area, into Elkton at the junction of 138 and 38.  Then northeast on 38 through Drain and back to I-5.

The countryside out that way is spectacular.  Well worth the extra time to take the detour

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Recent Books

My wife chides me for re-reading the same books over and over again, so the other day I bought a couple of cheap books off Amazon.  Kidnapped, written by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1886, is a pretty fair adventure story about a young man unknowingly cheated from his inheritance by his uncle who has him kidnapped to be sold into slavery in the American colonies.  He never gets to the colonies, but is shipwrecked on the northwest Scotland coast and makes his way back across the Scottish highlands.  I don't know whether this edition is translated, but it reads rather easily like a modern novel.

I tried to read 'Twenty-thousand leagues under the sea', but found it tedious in its repetitive descriptions. This novel is much easier to stay with and is hard to put down.  Makes me want to rent the movies to see how well they match the book.

Weekend October 19th

Spent Saturday raking the lawns and generally cleaning things up.  Watched an old movie called "Flight to Tangier" with a very young Jack Palance.  Sat down for a nap and woke nearly four hours later.  Beth and her friend took Toby and her friends young lab for a long walk and Toby was exhausted.

Sunday Toby said he wanted to go to the dog park even though he had the marathon walk yesterday, so he and I went.  At the dog park he's off leash and can go at his own pace.  We haven't been in over three weeks and he had a good time.  He only barked at a rambunctious four month old cocker spaniel puppy.  The river was at low tide.  Toby's not a water dog, but he loves to splash his toes through 3 or 4 inches of water.

Sunday was drier, and after a nap, I mowed the lawns and put down some fertilizer.  I'm still trying to get a decent lawn to grow again, and not leave me with a mud hole during the winters.  Watched another old movie "Fair Wind to Java" with Fred MacMurray as a swash-buckling sea captian.

Prior to dinner Sunday, Toby was acting very stiff in back, so we dug through the cupboards and came up with an old pain medication from the vets (Vetprofen).  About 15 minutes after one of those he was bouncing.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Breaking the writer's (blogger's) block.

While traveling back north I stopped for gas and an early dinner in Albany.  The gas station jockey was chatty and when I said I was looking for a place to eat he right off recommended Pop's, just three blocks further on.

Yeah it was early, but when most of the people in it were older folks I knew I was in the right joint.  A good old fashion greasy spoon.  The triple decker "Honey Nut Roast Beef Melt" with a cup of chili was perfect.  The bread grilled as dark as you can get without actually burning it was the tastiest combo with the thinly sliced roast beef.  Ok, maybe I was rather hungry, but it was good!

Don't forget to try the Cheddar Munchers also!  Deep fried tater-tot like things with bits of cheese and jalapeno, and served with ranch dip.