Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Fall Day, CWD

 It drizzled at the beginning and sprinkled at the end, but the rest of the walk was nice.

Toby's not a water-dog, though he loves to splash his toes through 2 or 3 inches and will sometimes go out of his way to traipse through a puddle.
 This is practicing our "stay" command, otherwise all I end up with are butt shots of him heading up the trail or close-ups of a nose saying "what did you want?"
 OK, I've posed, now can we go!
 A good 4 inches around and 6 inches tall.
 Moss everywhere, including my lawn.  But if I kill off the moss I'll probably end up with a mud-pit for a lawn.  But out in the woods in looks pretty.
 A small bright red plant where all else was green or brown.
 That time of year again.
 Going under the elf bridge.
 Dabbling his toes again.
 Enjoying all the things to see.

 A 'Hawthorne' tree.

 A tired dog ready to go home.
Had to get a picture of this guy.  Limping along with one bad leg, but still getting out there to walk his dog.